Staff Directory


Photo of Greg Bowes

Mr. Greg Bowes

Vice Principal

Photo of Scott Petronech

Mr. Scott Petronech


Photo of Mark Harding

Mr. Mark Harding

Vice Principal T.M.S.


Photo of Greg Bowes

Mr. Greg Bowes

P.E./Athletic Director

Photo of Crystal Carver

Mrs. Crystal Carver


Photo of Quintina Halladay

Mrs. Quintina Halladay

Learning Support Teacher

Photo of Adam Hughes

Mr. Adam Hughes

Math Teacher

Photo of Arica Jensen

Mrs. Arica Jensen

Cosmo./Photography Teacher

Photo of Amber Kallen

Mrs. Amber Kallen

Photo of Noel Kehler

Mrs. Noel Kehler

English/Textiles Teacher

Photo of Rene Lavoie

Mr. Rene Lavoie

Shop Teacher

Photo of Douglas Leavitt

Mr. Douglas Leavitt

Social Teacher

Photo of Tim Luchanski

Mr. Tim Luchanski

Bio./Science Teacher

Photo of Cristine Lumley

Mrs. Cristine Lumley

Chem. / Science Teacher

Photo of Jamie MacCormack

Ms. Jamie MacCormack

Photo of Andrea Makarchuk

Mrs. Andrea Makarchuk

Band Teacher

Photo of Hyrum Moriyama

Mr. Hyrum Moriyama

Art Teacher/Gr. 9 Computers/PE 10

Photo of Lori Pickerell

Mrs. Lori Pickerell

Foods Teacher

Photo of Rachel Price

Mrs. Rachel Price

Photo of Jessica Ressler

Mrs. Jessica Ressler

P.E. Teacher

Photo of Maxine Schnoor

Mrs. Maxine Schnoor

Math Teacher

Photo of Chris Shimbashi

Mr. Chris Shimbashi

Science Teacher

Photo of Dalziel Whipple

Mrs. Dalziel Whipple


Support Staff

Photo of Lisa Astalos

Lisa Astalos

Support Staff

Photo of Kristin Bodnar

Kristin Bodnar

Academic/Career Counsellor

Photo of Heather Brantner

Heather Brantner

Off Campus Teacher

Photo of Jose May Erickson

Jose May Erickson

Education Assistant

Photo of Trina Gedny

Trina Gedny

Food Services Worker

Photo of Teneal Harker

Teneal Harker

Education Assistant

Photo of Corrie Ilczynski

Corrie Ilczynski

Food Service

Photo of Pam Manser

Pam Manser

Photo of Stacy McClelland

Stacy McClelland


Photo of Melissa Planger

Melissa Planger

Support Staff

Photo of Corianne Rattai

Corianne Rattai


Photo of Lisa Sowinski

Lisa Sowinski

FNMI Liason Worker

Photo of Vera Vanderluit

Vera Vanderluit

Photo of Kimberley Wasylowich

Kimberley Wasylowich

FCSS Counsellor