July 15-17 is the Kainai Pow wow and Celebration

Fry Bread

Lisa Sowinski our Indigenous Liason worker for Horizon School Division shares with us how to make fry bread.


Are you Metis?

Are you Metis? On Tuesday, Sept. 24 10:30 am - 2:30 pm come out and join the Metis Local 2003 & Horizon School Division who want to help you through your Metis Citizenship application process. Click the link below for all the details and documents you will need to bring.

Metis poster

Orange Shirt day

Monday, Sept. 30 is Orange shirt day. Please wear your orange shirt to show your support. Watch the video below to see Phylis's story.


Smudging 101

Come out to the Taber Public Library Tuesday, Sept. 24 at 5:30 pm to learn the art and protocol around smudging. Click on the link below for all the details.


Theron Black Presentation

Theron & Cindy Black came to W.R. Myers on Monday, Dec. 2. The presentation was on Healing through Art & Culture. The presenter, Theron Black,  shared his story of addiction and his journey of recovery. His recovery was facilitated by focusing on his Indigenous culture for healing.  He spoke openly of his time in Calgary, doing drugs, and the people he was surrounded with. Theron had a vision one day and since that vision he continued his journey with a new outlook on life. He believed in the power of culture and Indigenous teachings. These teachings come from the Elders and knowledge keepers, grandfathers, grandmothers that are helping heal the people with their return to their traditions and culture. He has made incredibly positive changes on his journey. Theron demonstrates humbleness, kindness, and patience. It has been amazing to be around him. His relationships with family, friends and the community is great.

The audience was fully engaged in his presentation, he moved us all. Theron spoke about his family, and how choosing a healthy sense of self as an Indigenous person is so instrumental to the continued journey of wellbeing. He spoke of how getting back into his culture for healing was critical. In addition, dance is very important to him, he is a grass dancer. Grass Dance is a healing dance, some will also say that the grass dance was created by the Creator to represent balance in life and the need for it. Education is also important to him as well as: sweat lodges, ceremonies, and pow-wow.  Learning about the medicine wheel (the Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental) and how this works with the Culture of healing is very powerful. He has a deep understanding about his culture and is able to share in his stories and dance to help heal the people he works with. His personal experience is an important way of sharing these teachings and supports with the Indigenous People and non- indigenous people so we can move forward in a healing relationship.

Theron Black: BHSc. Addictions & Mental Health (UofL), IBSW Social Work (RCCC), MEd (UofC) IP. Theron has worked in community for the past ten years, collaborating on camps for families, community members, professionals, youth and schools using traditional teachings, language, men's pow wow dance and his talents as an artist, regalia maker, and leather craftsman.

Cindy Black - BA Native American Studies (UofL), IBSW Social Work (RCCC), MEd (UofC) IP.
Cindy has worked in education with Indigenous families since 2004. She has worked for the Calgary Board of Education, the Lethbridge School District and within the Blackfoot community, introducing Indigenous protocol, cultural knowledge, language, dance, games, and storytelling.